Monday, June 7, 2010

Finally! Someone with some brains!

Ev83 found me this weekend.  And, man, am I glad he did!  Ooh boy, this guy's got it ALL going for himself.

Ev83 has a thing for monster truck rallies and collects hot dog wrappers from all his favourite arenas in addition to photos of himself dwarfed by giagantic tires.  And is *THIS* close to filling his second scrapbook.

Ev83 is nearly fluent in Klingon (sigh) and wishes to wed in a traditional Klingon ceremony.  How sexy is that?

And most attractive of all, Ev83 wants to spend his honeymoon in Cotswolds, England to participate in their annual cheese rolling race.

Could a man be any more perfect for me?


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  3. Just by reading the title, I know that you're referring to me...therefore, I didn't see the need to read the rest of this post. I'm just going to assume it was flattering.


  4. I cant even begin to tell you that Ev82 probably had the most hilarious profile ever.

    Heres some advice Jordan, the FUNNY guys are the GOOD guys. Maybe you should have given him a chance!

    Love from, successful POF user :)

  5. Successful POF user - I did give Ev83 a chance. We actually dated for a while. We were great friends for a long time before and are still good friends. But it wasn't meant to be. He's a great guy and will make some girl really happy one day, but our lives are not headed down the same paths.