Friday, December 2, 2011

Keepin' it going.

Thanks to my little sister, I managed to get a shout out on the Vancouver Sun and it seems my readership has suddenly increased - as have the comments. I admit that I was pretty discouraged after reading a particular comment and even got to wondering if I should even continue on with this blog, but thanks to a whole bunch of really encouraging comments, there's no way I'm giving up that easily.

The intent of this blog was never to try to impart deep spiritual truths about maintaining purity in the world I live in, but rather to offer a humerous take on life, love and online dating.


  1. I stumbled on to this blog via the Vancouver Sun. Full disclosure here, I'm not a practicing Christian, nor do I subscribe to what are these days commonly known as "traditional christian values". I'm a man in my early thirties with a wife of 6 years and a two year old son. My comments on the content I've read so far:

    1. Kudos to you on living the life you want to live, and for maintaining those values throughout your search for a mate. If living this way makes you happy, that's fantastic. I'm sure it's difficult and tedious trying to resist the trends of our modern society.

    2. As I'm sure you're acutely aware, the attributes you desire in a husband (I'd refrain from using the word standards) will make your search difficult. Certainly those desired attributes narrow the field. From the posts I've read, even when you've found a man who meets all of the non-emotional/physical criteria, there's been something in the emotional or physical realm that has turned you off. Not knowing you, all I can say is that as time goes on, chances get slimmer and slimmer as available singles pair up. You might find, if you want a husband, that you have to compromise in some way. Maybe you'll get lucky and find the perfect guy with the same beliefs and values as you. That would be great, but maybe it won't happen. From the blog contents, it doesn't look like you've had many good prospects. Perfection is overrated, and it's actually not achievable; you might have to widen your horizons, at least on the emotional/physical side, if you're to have success finding a husband.

    3. I suspect that this blog is aimed primarily at an audience of your Christian peers, but its tone and some of the content can be very off-putting to those of us who don't subscribe to your set of values. Several of the posts in this blog have a very righteous tone. You've pined for violence (maybe in jest?) against those who don't adhere to your beliefs. You've openly ridiculed those who live their lives differently that you do. You've complained about intolerance from other groups, all the while lacking the same quality in your online portrail of yourself. Why be this way? You can practice your beliefs and adhere to your values while being respectful and tolerant of others at the same time. It's a false premise to believe that your non-peers lack value or worth because they believe different things than you do. Surely you depend on others outside of your belief group for things that are of value to you, and you should consider respecting such people (and their peers) more openly. So long as someone isn't harming you or your family, why ridicule them? What purpose could that possibly achieve?

    Well, those are my thoughts, for better or worse. Best of luck to you in your dating adventures.

  2. Just found this blog and wanted to encourage you! Both my husband and I were virgins on our wedding night at the ripe old age of 28. We also met online! (That was still a couple of years before it was mainstream, and people thought we were nuts!) We're now celebrating our 10 year anniversary and have 3 beautiful kids. I never compromised my standards and God graciously led me to the man of my dreams. Saving myself for my husband is still one of the things I am most proud of in my life. It's great to have one area of my life with no regrets, cause goodness knows there are plenty of other things I'd do differently.

  3. Do your best and God will do the rest. I am a single virgin as well, and I love your posts, and am heartedly glad that you are continuing on this journey. You are not alone!